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Dual spindle upvc door lock faulty


I have a uPVC door with a dual Spindle with a latch pad on the outside. It used to operate correctly, i.e. when you pulled you the latch pad on the way out you needed a key to get back in. However this no longer works and if you don't physically lock the door with the key you can just pull the latch handle down and it opens.

I have taken the handle off and there are two distinct spindles, higher and lower so I believe it is dual spindle rather than split spindle.

Any ideas as to what I could check to resolve this or would replacing the mechanism work and how easy is that to do?

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It's possible the lock has broken but in some locks there is a small botton this may have moved and needs to be re-set.


Answered 8th May 2019

Go to B&Q and buy a cylinder and it will be ok open your door you’ll see a brass star screw take it out with the key in the door turn the key and push the lock out and replace if your stuck get in touch


Answered 8th May 2019

If it’s a dual spindle it’s 2 small spindles that’ll work independently.
If it’s a split spindle they will be in different holes. Internal at the top outside at the bottom.
If it’s locking ok then it is possible that mechanism has failed. Also check the housing of the handle to make sure that that hasn’t perished.
Hope this helps


Answered 31st May 2019

The gearing is broken and new gearing required or maybe the possibility to just replace the locking mechanism


Answered 2nd Jun 2019

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