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Planning permission to knock down a outhouse

Would I have to ask for planning permissions to knock down some brick outhouses I have in my garden.
Also would it be able to be knocked down if attached to the neighbours. Thanks in advance

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Demolition of a building is generally not classed as ‘development’ and therefore a planning permission is not usually needed. However, the demolition of certain buildings will need approval from the local planning authority beforehand.

The Prior Notification of Proposed Demolition process is covered by the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 Schedule 2, Part 31. This is used for proposals to demolish ‘a building or structure.’

Under Schedule 2, Part 31 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 a prior notification must be submitted to check whether the council requires prior approval of the method of demolition of:

any listed building
a building in a conservation area
a building which is a scheduled monument
any freestanding domestic or non domestic building with a volume exceeding 50 cubic metres (measured externally)
any non-domestic building adjoining a dwelling house
any dwelling house
This is in addition to other forms of consent required for demolition such as Listed Building Consent, Conservation Area Consent or approval via a Demolition Notice.

Essentially the process of Prior Notification is to ensure that the demolition method is appropriate and that no protected species are being harmed. Depending on the circumstances it’s not unusual for a short letter on ecology to be required along with a demolition statement.

In summary it is best to stick with the thought that you need to submit Prior Notifications to the Local Authority for all demolition work. If in doubt speak to the Council Planning Department or a Planning Consultant


Answered 9th May 2019

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