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Getting rid of the noise from an informal play area

It looks like we are about to have an informal play area put right next to our very small back gardens!!! New development on our boundary!! We have looked at moving but would have to downsize to be able to afford to do so and we are already in a small property so sadly this isn't going to be an option as we have a really nice house at present.

We currently have patio doors so we are wondering which is going to reduce the noise more effectively, acoustic glass in the patio doors or us having the doors taken out and build a wall ? An extreme option I know, but the play park (non equipped) will be 20 foot from our patio doors, so no escape! This will of course make the living room darker (only having a window at the other end of the room) but we are not sure acoustic glass will cut out the noise out sufficiently, what do you think?

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Hi there!
Getting rid of the doors all together seems to me the best option.
Make sure when the opening gets blocked up you insulate properly using the likes of kingspan or rockwool.
Obviously if you go into buying as they state as ‘sound insulation’ I really wouldn’t bother as you can’t tell much difference other then the price.
Then internally I would use Blue plasterboard which is classed as sound resistant.

If you want light coming into the room or something like that then maybe just block up and leave opening for a window, then use the suitable glass in that.

Hope this helps 👍🏻


Answered 10th May 2019

Use triple glazed units with acoustic glass should reduce the noise do not block up your opening


Answered 31st May 2019

Although blocking up the opening is the most efficient way to reduce noise,triple glazing will have a great dampening effect.
(Close windows at busy times)
I feel reducing light although very efficient may have a detrimental effect on the value of your property.
Consider carefully.


Answered 31st May 2019

I’d say that blocking up is extreme , so acoustic glass should suffice


Answered 2nd Jun 2019

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