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Replacing cast iron soil stack

Im looking to replace my cast iron soil stack as its leaking in a few places with a new plastic one! Is there any vital to do's when doing this task? Also i think this is orginal so take it the iron pipe joins a clay pipe, how is this join made and do you have to replace the clay pipe into the man hole at the same time? Also the concrete sleve around the iron pipe at ground level does this need to be replaced or can you just make it level?

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Cut through the cast near ground level, use a stihl saw with metal blade.
You can get a collar to fit over the cast, then take the plastic up from there.
The cast will be heavy, you might want a hand with it.


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

If it were my job i would remove the iron pipe and the clay, then take plastic to the manhole, its pretty much future proof then.


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

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