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Wonder why artex removal questions are getting responses that artex dust is dangerous.

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All dust is dangerous.
Unfortunately a lot of artex also contains asbestos which is highly dangerous.

Any artex should be checked by an asbestos specialist before removal.
If asbestos is present you can either get a specialist compant to remove it or get it plastered over.


Answered 29th Mar 2011

the asbestos, if any in artex is very low grade and probably no more harmful than normal dust - been many health and safety reports over the years within the plastering industry. Artex does not need to be dumped at special sites as its very low grade and a miniscule amount.


Answered 30th Mar 2011

Very early artex compounds contained ASBESTOS.
Depending on when the artex was put on, will determine if it is dangerous or not.
More modern artexing does not include an asbestos compound.
It may be easier to plaster/skim over the artes rather than remove it.
Should removal be required face masks, safety glasses and protective clothing will be the order of the day.
But remember you cannot dump the removed artex (which may contain asbestos) without informing the local authorities.
A proper dumpit site must be used.


Answered 29th Mar 2011

the reason being that artex prior to the mid 1980s contained white asbestos to strenthen the finish so when sanded can become dangerous to your health

Until there is a 100% guarantee that white asbestos is not a killer with many experts having different opinions of its health risks compared with the blue and brown type then it should be treated as any other asbestos and extra precautions should be taken at all times not just for your own health but for anyone who comes into contact with it, and this is not scaremongering its common sense.


Answered 30th Mar 2011

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