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I'm looking at purchasing oak veneer doors that will require trimming, my only concern is how the doors will be left once trimmed as they are only veneer and not solid oak. Will it be left with a wooden strip that will require painting?

Many thanks

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If you look at the bottom of door you should be able to see the thickness of the foredge. If the door is a framed door and you have to reduce the width of the door, then the total you have to remove is divided by two and each side is then equal in width. So if the foredge is big enough to have that amount removed then there are no problems. If you find that you are removing the foredge then it is possible to fix on a new foredge on each side using glue and clamps which will be trimmed when glue is set. Disadvantage of this is you will see foredge on both faces of door. However if the wooden foredge is a good match for door and the edges being joined are planned straight and square it will look good. If now the door is flush panelled simply cut of required size of the hinged side. Then just stain the wood that has been exposed or veneer edge using PVA glue and sash clamps with caul and polythene in between to stop glue sticking to caul. A caul in This instance is a piece of wood used to spread the clamping strength along the length of the door.


Answered 9th May 2019

In my experience each side of the door will be able to be trimmed by 12mm. The doors will need to be finished with an oil or stain anyway unless they're supplied pre finished.


Answered 26th Apr 2019

I would not paint these type of doors oil is best


Answered 26th Apr 2019

most veneer doors say on the packaging how much wood can be trimmed off each side, B&Q are only 5mm


Answered 28th Apr 2019

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