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Is vertical wood in small gabled dormer for support or can i remove it for more floor space?

We have a bathroom with a small gabled dormer window. Currently the sink is in the alcove of the window, and there seems to be a cavity in a right angled "U" shape on the window wall. The sink unit sits inside the U.

I've taken the old tiles off the walls to reveal the wood and salamander bricks behind. I wanted to know if I could remove the vertical pieces of wood to gain some extra floor space? Or is this wood holding up the dormer? Don't want the dormer to collapse on me if I remove it.

There is also some diagonal timber pieces above the vertical ones which I am happy to leave in.

Hope this makes sense. Thank you. Chris

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I think you are talking about the side walls of the dormer - if so, the diagonal pieces are probably rafters. If the vertical timbers are sitting on the diagonal timbers/rafters, they are holding up the dormer.

Gus Reynolds
RCB Services


Answered 15th Apr 2019

No don't remove,supporting the roof.


Answered 28th Jun 2019

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