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I want to knock down a load-bearing wall - do i need structural engineer / permission from the council?

I want to knock down a load-bearing wall between two downstairs rooms. I have had quotes from different builders who have all said very different things about what needs to be done... some say I need a structural engineer, some say I need permission from the council, and some say I don't need either of this and they can just knock it down. Which is right?

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DO NOT let any COWBOY tell you you do not require regs ,they just want your money and an easy life ,structural calcs and building control sign off are required as you will find out when you come to re-sell and the surveyor asks for the building cert


Answered 20th Feb 2012

I come across this all the time,you need a structural engineers report to calculate steels and to show building control.It surprises me the number of jobs i go to where the homeowner has been told by another so called builder that they can remove such walls with none of the correct paperwork in place.Anyone willing to do the job without should be shown the door.Its your home why would you even take the chance.No s/e report=no regs=no completion certificate=no hope.


Answered 20th Feb 2012

Substructure and mw have explained everything.Whoever said you can do this without any building control or structural engineer is incorrect.


Answered 21st Feb 2012

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