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Running 6mm swa to external shed

I'm building a home cinema at the top of my garden and need to get power out to it. I'm not a qualified sparky but before everyone starts tutting I spent many years putting power and battery backups in telecom cabinets for BT and Cable TV companies which was then signed off by a sparky. If I did the 6mm swa out to my shed (18m run from house dp) and do a ring main in shed for 6 double sockets and a lighting loop for 10 spots (to a garage dp with 6 amp and 32amp breaker and rcd) (checked and shouldn't need an earth rod so will be 3 core swa) am I better off getting a sparky to check it and certify it or just local building regs guy. Id prefer a sparky but would I still need to then pay to local council regs office?

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You would be better running a 10m/m 3 core swa cable to the shed,but direct from the consumer unit on a 40amp mcb with rcd protection,this would allow for the legnth of the cable and its volt drop and also seperates it from causing any problems with the ring circuit,This would need an installation certificate and building control need to be notified which any registered electrician can do,then thats it all complete.Your other option is to get building control out to verify the job and certify it but it is better going down the electrician route in my opinion,kind regards Keith


Answered 31st Mar 2019

Locally, Building Control don't do electrical any more. If they are pushed they will hire a sparky for you but at a price, so you are better off just getting a friendly spark yourself. The other advantage, even if building control in your area would attend, is that they will just certificate a pass or fail you, where as a sparkle may be able to 'tweak' what you have done on the day to allow it to pass.


Answered 5th Apr 2019

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