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Noist boiler first thing in the morning?

We have a rented house which has an Ideal Icos boiler, the tenants have said that first thing in the morning when the boiler comes on it wakes them up with a high pitched howling noise. The boiler has had its annual check and the house has had its gas safety cert, which included a look at the boiler. Neither of these checks raised any concerns regarding the boiler. Should we get it checked out again? Is this to do with a blocked pipe/limescale build up or something else?

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I assume from your email that you are the owner of the house, so just to help , these types of noises are made in low water content boilers by (a) sludge in the system or (b) fan noise .


Answered 21st Feb 2012

hi cam
you should get it looked at get on to your landlord asap


Answered 19th Feb 2012

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