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Can a slate roof be replaced in sections

Hi there
can a slate roof be repaired in sections?
Mine is showing signs of age and i cannot afford to repalce huge area's at a time.
can for example the bottom meter be removed, rebattered, felt installed etc and then start another section in the future or is this not possible.
also is it possible to get felt installed each time a repair is made or am i going to have to do half of the roof (back then front) at a time.

Thanks All

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I would strongly advise If you cant afford complete re roof
to go for doing a side at a time.
Doing mtr sections is "possible" but really not worth it or advisable for many reasons Damage to the the new sections as you work up roof plus you would pay a fortune for a scaffolder to keep coming back and forth.
Get a recommend roofer to come and do some maintenance and hold out till you can afford to do the roof.
Good luck
Tudor roofing


Answered 17th Feb 2012

good advice from tudor ,will cost you loads more doing it in small areas ,wait till you have enough for at least front or back ,but i would wait till ive got enough to do the lot as you will save money in doing it all at once


Answered 17th Feb 2012

Theres no chance of doing what you are proposing, slates are fixed/nailed and laid on the diagonal.
You will pay the same amount for each time you have the scaffold up, if you stripped a metre of, refelted and battened, how did you think the last row would be fixed, with tingles, which is a bodge job.
If the funds wont stretch, do one side at a time, and do it properly, strip all existing, fit new breathable felt, battens and retile.
Make sure vents are fitted and upgrade the insulation while your at it.


Answered 17th Feb 2012

anything is possible, the advantage of doing it a meter at a time is that you would not require building regs this might save you a £200.00 quid ,
you will not have to upgrade your insulation this again might save you a £200.00 quid.
the down side is you will have to scaffold this might cost £200.00 quid.
if the pitch is 4 meters this will cost £200.00 four times per side ==£1600 disposal of the rubbish a small skip will cost about £80.00 times that by 4 times per side ==£640.00 that is without adding on labour and material costs.
your best bet is wait till you can afford at least one side at a time and have it done properly even doing it a side at a time will attract building reg costs for each side so is still really not the best option but is the most logical if money is a bit tight at the moment.

good luck alex


Answered 18th Feb 2012

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