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How much will leaking roof gully cost to repair?

How much could it cost to fix a leaking roof gully in the ceiling of a slated roof victorian house, in Heren Hill South London?

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Theres quite a bit of work in renewing a lead valley,especially a box gutter, ie access scaffold, strip out slates both sides, allow for breakages rip out old lead and replacing all.
If only repairing I would only gaurantee lead burning new in, theres loads of different repair systems out there, but how long will they last.
I agree with DFV theres not enough info, and you will get different prices, ie I know some roofers charging £120 just to put their ladders up, maybe they are stacked out with work.
Best to get some one up on the roof to advise and price.
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Answered 28th Mar 2011

Hi, a leaking gully could be lead,zinc or a form of felt used,if so a cold solution of a repair product can be aplied and they guarantee this for 10 years.Depending on access, height of the building you made need scaffold or a tower built up to work off of.We would need to look at this without estimating as not enough detail regarding this
hope this helps a bit regards kerry/eurolay asphalt and roofing


Answered 5th May 2011

I dont feel theres enough detail in the question to provide you with a precise answer. I get the impression your talking about a valley or box gutter here. a basic repair could cost as little as £80.00 - in excess of a thousand should it need renewing. depending on size and if scaffolding would be required. A site visit would be needed to get a true price.
Hope this may help you


Answered 28th Mar 2011

should be no more than £100 unless the lead needs to be replaced


Answered 28th Mar 2011

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