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Can artex be patched up satisfactorally

i have some small damage to a stipple affect artex pattern close to my kitchen units and have been told this cant be repaired and needs a full ceiling to be replaced is this correct or is my builder trying to get a bigger job than the repair,can stipple pattern artex be correctly repaired or not many thanks

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you've stated that it's just the stipple finish that's damaged & nothing else.

If that's the case,mix up a bit of thin watery patching plaster,apply it to the area & then slap it with the flat of a trowel...... that will stipple it up then just leave it to dry & a goodun!
I do this all the time when making repairs like yours,works a treat for me every time.
I tend to use multi or board finish though,works just the same.

It doesn't need to be artex to repair it.

If you're not up to it yourself,should be a very quick & inexpensive job for a plasterer to do.

As for your builder saying you need a new ceiling........tell him to close the door on his way out!

Hope this has been of help to you.



Answered 29th Mar 2011

Hi, artex is fairly easy to patch if its a small area and it wont be to noticable. however if it has been damaged due to a leak or other problem you will need to rectify this first. A good plasterer should be able to sort it for you at a relatively low cost. Hope this helps.


Answered 28th Mar 2011

Artex is easy to patchup,but use only artex,not some of the otger options memtioned on here,you would need stipple brush also,both artex and brush can be bought from your local bnq,failing tgat hire someone who can do artexing,ive seen many patchups done either diy or with wrong materials,not a good look.patch should cost no more than £50,thats what i would charge,rgds


Answered 16th Apr 2011

Yes you can patch Artex and both of the previous guys were correct, its best to get a plasterer as its not a diy job, cheers and all the best Chris N.


Answered 28th Mar 2011

You can repair reasonably well, if you are good! Try not to use a general builder, and find yourself a plasterer, some still specialise in artex, and he will be the chap you want. One thing to bare in mind though is what caused the damage, and is there worst damage to the cieling structure (lath and plaster, plasterboard). It may be your builder is thinking that to do the job right all the damaged cieling around the damaged artex needs removing and repairing. Once you get to a certain percentage of the room size, it is easier and better to rip down the lot and start again. Hope this helps. regards Jez


Answered 28th Mar 2011

hi yes artex can be matched and blended in if you take your time to get the artex mixed right ,i t might take a few goes to get the same pattern or stipple and may show a little bit but shouldnt be to obvious to the eye ,i have done it on a few ceilings hope this helps


Answered 28th Mar 2011

What seems to be forgotten is that artex manufactured before 2000 will contain asbestos that is for certain. And its not to say that even if it was artexed after 2000 that the artex used may still contain asbestos. Care should be taken if you are considering removing the ceiling and do not be fobbed off by the cowboys that have no regard for theirs or anyone elses health that will glady do the job for a quick buck!!


Answered 28th Mar 2011

Assuming there is no structual damage to the ceiling and its only cosmetic then a good Plasterer/Artexer (which can be hard to find as Artex isn't so widely used in this day an age) will be able to patch repair this for you, 2 coats of paint over the whole ceiling and it should be fine. Thankyou


Answered 28th Mar 2011

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