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Do i have to insulate solid walls? can i not and just insulate rest of house.

I have a detached 4 bed property of solid wall construction with pebble dash render on 3 sides and brick on front wall. The property is not listed but in a conservation area. I have got 3 quotes for EWI for a rendered smooth coat finish on pebble dashed walls and brick slip finish to front wall and the prices are coming in around 25-28k.

The property does need full internal and external refurbishment and requires gutting.

My dilemma is that I don’t plan to live in this property long term. Probably 5 yrs max, maybe even 3 yrs only.

I’m now thinking of not pursuing EWI but maybe considering IWI, but that also has a cost around 60% of EWI.

I don’t know what to do!!! Given this home is not long term for me, I wonder whether I should do either? I don’t want to spend the money and feel like it’s not returned when/if I need to sell.

When gutting a property- is it standard to insulate the walls? Is that what builders do as standard when they make up the wall again. Do they always fix kingspan as standard when making up the wall again after Re-wiring and treating for damp etc...

I am planning to install double glazing, insulate the floors and roof - all of which currently doesn’t exist!

But I just can’t figure out what if anything I should be doing with the walls?

I think if EWI was cheaper, I would pursue that but close to 25-28k at least, I just cannot guarantee I’d get a return on that investment if I need to sell in few years and I don’t want to be in negative equity when I come to sell, given whole refurb is a money pit?

Any advice on how I should approach this would be appreciated. Should I focus on wall insulation or not pursue at all? If so what type?

I’m not entitled to any grants and I wonder whether the availability of government grants to cover insulation work in recent years has rocketed the cost? Which is fine if you’re eligible. What if your not?

Ps - I’m not a property developer or investor! I’ve bought this to do up and live in for myself - but I don’t think it’s a long term home for me. More will give me few more years in current location.

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Dear shamira
I appreciate I'm a bit late in replying.
Under no circumstances do you need to insulate the walls. It's a bit like fitting seat belts into a classic car. that were never there in the first place.
I am more concerned that you are worrying about it. Have peeps been giving you sales pitches.
What no one will tell you is that Building Regs only apply to the age of the building.
So a 1936 house only has to comply to 1936 building regs, even if you extend the property, in theory.
EWI you will get massive damp issues. Believe me I've seen it
IWI is not recommended as it will cause a temperature differential between the plaster and brickwork and the insulate and potentially condensation problems, and mould growth.
Be careful of insulating timber floors. You run the risk of trapping moisture around the timbers and they will rot. They need airflow at all cost.
Insulation is causing lots of problems with old houses.
Just decorate nicely, keep your floor vents clear, keep your money in the bank or go on holiday!


Answered 8th Jun 2019

Hello Shamira
if they are outside walls and solid you will need a lime insulating plaster internally this will insulate your walls and keep them breathing, and absolutely no damp issues with lime plasters as they breath and keep the air in the rooms almost clinical.
This is all you will need to do as there is no cavity and separate internal skin of blocks or bricks.
The plaster needs two coats and applied to a thickness up to 50mm for optimum performance.
Putting a dry line skin will not work as good a lime and long term it will last forever ish.
Done this job many times big improvement
Hope this helps you


Answered 23rd Jan 2020

Once 25% of existing plaster is removed in doors you would need to update. This can sometimes be achieved with foam back plaster board
Best to get advice from building control


Answered 6th Mar 2019

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