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Removing spotlights

I wanted to get 6 spotlights removed from a ceiling, can they just be disconnected then tape the wires or do the wires need removing from the ceiling?

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Hello John

The cables that feed the spotlights need to be disconnected from the supply,It would also be good practise to then remove the cables that are no longer used so not to confuse with any other exsisting cables that are connected to the installation.hope this helps,kind regards


Answered 26th Feb 2019

Hi John

If you want to remove the lights, they need to be disconnected from the switched supply, then can then be left in place once confirmation that all cables are no longer connected.


Answered 25th Feb 2019

Firstly I would recommend hiring an electrician to carry out this work! working with electricity is potentially dangerous.

An electrician would locate the source, which will either be from the light switch, or at a junction box in the ceiling, often where the old centre light/rose would have been before the down lights were installed. then remove the wiring once it has been safely isolated.

Alternatively, If the wiring can not be removed due to clipping in the ceiling void, or the supply can not be completely disconnected, then maintenance free connectors such as push fit wagos housed in a junction box can be used. These can then be left in the ceiling void and the holes closed.


Answered 26th Feb 2019

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