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New door or reclaimed door best for a bathroom?

I need to replace my bathroom door. Is it best to buy a brand new door, or go for a reclaimed one? I'm concerned that a new door made of "greener" wood will warp and expand with the humidity of the bathroom and need more work further along the line to get it to fit the frame again, whereas a reclaimed door will probably have already done most of its expanding and contracting. What would you recommend? All thoughts gratefully received!

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Hi. If you wanted to change the bathroom door , I would suggest you can go for a new door, same size so you don’t have to change the frame,you have to make sure the door is made of well treated wood and water proof painted or varnished ,you can still go for a reclaimed one but won’t last same as the new door(depends on what wood the doors are made), that door might be rotten in places or damaged,and it will take some time to make good the door , sanded, filling, painted etc ,


Answered 25th Feb 2019

I think personally if you go for a new door as long as it is good quality and you have the proper measurements everything will be okay sometimes the old doors can have a bit of wear tear on them so I suggest new


Answered 25th Feb 2019

It would be best to go for a quality new door, leave it safely stored in the room for a few days for it to adjust to the new conditions and it will expand and contract over a few days so when it's installed it won't move anymore and won't need further maintenance. A reclaimed door is sometimes okay but can often have wear and tear and won't last as long as a new one.


Answered 25th Feb 2019

I would recommend a new door of good quilty treated timber.. The same size as existing so minimal work would need doing to get it fitted and treated and painted with the correct products wouldn't cause any problems, reclaimed can have unearthed issues ( wood rot, woodworm, bowed and/ or planed or cut previous itch could let damp get in..
Hope this helps many thanks shaun


Answered 26th Feb 2019

I would personally buy a new door, purchase one closer to the door opening size too. I wouldn't worry about the moisture are as if you are painting the door, this will seal it, plus the timber has be a certain standard in the door too.


Answered 27th Feb 2019

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