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Changing upstairs bedroom doors to open outwards onto landing

Hi All,

My Finacee and I are unsure about buying a house. It fits what we're looking for pretty much exactly, perfect location, nice garden and recently extended downstairs, so great living space - but the 2 upstairs bedrooms are a little small. I think a simple way to make the rooms feel a little bigger and be more flexible with where we put our furniture would be to change the doors (and frames?), so that they open outwards onto the landing. The rooms face each other, so if we could simply swap the doors from one room to another, they'd both open the way I have in mind.
To me, it seems like a reasonable change to make if it means the house fits out bill, but I'm new to all this.
It might just be unconventional, but is it allowed? Are there any rules/regulations we would need to take into account? Distance from stairs for example?
I've tried to look for building rules and regs online, but can't find anything.

Thank you very much for your advice. We're going back for a second viewing tomorrow to take another look.

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They can open either way as long as you have a 400mm gap from door to top of the top step on stairs or there a disabled access door.. But swapping the hinges to the other side would be a simple job providing what I stated above isn't a problem.. Hope this helps many thanks shaun.


Answered 26th Feb 2019

You can have doors opening onto a landing as long as there's 400mm (16 inches) from the edge of open door to first tread of stairs


Answered 22nd Feb 2019

It’s your house and as long as you are not letting it out you can do what you want with internal fittings . Like said above it’s a strait forward job to do .


Answered 27th Feb 2019

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