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Hello. I am thinking of having 5 spotlights removed from my bedroom. If I do this, will the whole ceiling need to be reboarded or can I just have around the holes repaired? Was thinking that if the ceiling was removed to the nearest joist, that would be sufficient. Then would just need to be plastered over. However, the room is only approx 270 x 380 cms so perhaps would be better replacing all ( not sure how far apart the joists are, it's a 1970s house if that helps) in which case, can it be reboarded over the existing ceiling? Any advice gratefully received. Thank you, Pauline

Thank you for all your replies, guys!

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You dont have to reboard the whole ceiling can be done by cutting plasterboard to the same size as the holes and then be screwed to a small piece of batten, but then the ceiling may need full skim over the top which will then hide the holes, hope this answers you question


Answered 19th Feb 2019

Remove the a small batten inside the hole and screw either side..cut a small biscuit sized piece of plaster board a touch smaller than the hole and a single screw through the middle to secure..finish with 2 fills of gyproc easi fill let it dry and sand to a smooth finish..ready for decoration..
Job done..😁


Answered 20th Feb 2019

Hi , you will not need to board the whole ceiling , once the lights have been removed the holes can be plasterboarded and skimmed or just filled with a filler you will probably need to paint the whole ceiling though. Hope this helps


Answered 19th Feb 2019

proberbly best to re board over complete ceiling and skim


Answered 19th Feb 2019

Agree with diamond decorator's awnser. A very simple and cost effective solution with minimum fuss and disruption.
Ive done repairs like this hundreds of times on plasterboard/plastered plasterboard. And the repairs were un-detectable at the finish


Answered 19th Feb 2019

You don’t have to re board the ceiling you can put bits of board back in to fill the hole. unibond the whole ceiling and reskim


Answered 19th Feb 2019

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