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Replace old double built under oven

I need to replace my old built under double oven. I am going to replace it with a built under single oven. The old oven is 720 mm and is supported by metal runners attached to the bottom of the oven. The single built under oven is 600 mm high and does not have runners. The gap is 600mm wide. How do I replace the much taller built under double oven with the single built under oven?

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Normally for single built under ovens, the housing has a shelf pack which the oven sits on, this raises the oven up to the correct installation height. This then leaves a void underneath which will need to be covered with a plinth which matches the existing unit plinths.
I would guess that as you've already had an oven but are replacing it with a smaller one then you won't still have the shelf pack but you can easily make one from melamine covered board which is readily available from places like B & Q.


Answered 15th Feb 2019

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