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Best way to get tiles down from roof for salvage

We are just embarking on a house extension and plan to replace the roof.

The existing roof is clay tile and we are looking to remove these and pass on as salvage. My builder is not so keen to remove them but I would like to sell them on.

What is the best way to get roof tiles from the roof to the floor. I have seen roof tile lifts that help get tiles up to the top of the scaffolding, but nothing to get them down.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Tile hoists as well as taken tiles up can also run in reverse to bring tiles down can be hired from building hire in your area


Answered 6th Feb 2019

You can use electric bumpa to bring tile down.
I used to hire electric bumpa to take tile up. But we use some time to bring tiles down. It work with remote up and down nice and easy.

Note:- only electric bumpa is work both way not engine one.

You can hire it as I do but if you are well busy with roof work you can buy one trust me it’s saves a lot then it’s cost.
Sandip (Brilliant Roofing Ltd.)


Answered 7th Feb 2019

If you don’t want to hire a bumper good old fashion manpower and not off sweat either rope and wheel or old school fit lad


Answered 10th Feb 2019

Tile hoists as well as taken tiles up can also run in reverse to bring tiles down can be hired from any good hire shop


Answered 6th Feb 2019

The only way you would be able to take the tiles off the roof to keep them for reclamation is a tile bumper which many roofing company's have or your local tool hire would be able to hire for the day usage or week usage other option is to go the old fashioned way which is a rope and winch off side of scaffolding in a bucket.


Answered 7th Feb 2019

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