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How close can you build a house next to someone elses property?

The land next door to me has been sold and they have just dug the ground next to my property for the foundations. The trouble is that my house is right next to the boundary fence so they have dug about a foot away from my property. Cracks have appeared on the inside of my property since they started digging aand im wondering if they have dug too close to me?

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Raise the issue with the builder/developer immediately.You arent going to get much help on here.


Answered 13th Feb 2012

I'd ask in the council, each case is different however It should be at least 1m away from boundry
I have build an office in the garden and that what I was told in council where I went in prerson


Answered 13th Feb 2012

the owner of the house should have agreed a party wall agreement with you! I presume they havn't so you have the right to get them to stop work immediately - unfortunately you'll have to do this through a solicitor, however if you get the council to send round the building inspector thats over seeing this work he will be able to temporarily sort



Answered 14th Feb 2012

they are perfectly entitled to dig on the boundary as long as gutters ,fascias ect do not overhang on to yours so a foot away is ok ,they should however take the necessary precautions to prevent ground movement ect ,shoring up ,re-taining walls ect to stop damage to your property ,if this has not been carried out then they would be liable for any damage that occurs


Answered 14th Feb 2012

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