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Visible gaps in roof from attic


I am in the process of buying a new house. From the outside the roof looks in tact, but today when i went into the attic i noticed small gaps in the roof where holes of light were evident. Is this anything to worry about? Would this let in rain? Is this bad for insulation? is this expensive to resolve?

Many thanks

Thanks for your replies guys.

The current vendor of the house claims that the reason for the gaps in the roofing (visible from inside the atic), is that it is a 'breathing roof'.
He's told us that the gaps are required to prevent condensation or any adverse impact to the timber within.

Your expert thoughts please?

Many thanks


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yes yes and yes ,sounds like it is only battened and tiled ,no felt/membrane and no celotex/kingspan insulation,if you want to do it properly it will be expensive full restrip ,membrane new battens and tile ,lead flashings ect ,internally insulate all adds up,cant tell you how much as you havent stated size of property


Answered 12th Feb 2012

it depends where the lights appear
1 thas the roof has a felt a toll ?
2 it could be a vent tiles or where extraction fan goes through the roof
3 you can see usually a light where floor of the attic, meet roof this is the light from soffit /fascia area
generally you need some ventilation in the roof it takes care of condensation
but it must be balanced with thermal insulation so the roof is not letting heat out
In this weather is easy to check insulation .
Everywhere you can see snow on the roof, roof is insulated good, if you have some areas where snow has malt this is the heat from home going out
2) absolutely truth but 50 years ago. after this time the slates / tiles what ever the roof is made of won't work tiles rattle on wind became thinner smaller rubber based paint PVA under plaster decrease surface of breathing and roof can't exhale all damp...


Answered 16th Feb 2012

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