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we had a leak from our boiler that came through that dining room ceiling what will the insurance people do??

we had a bad leak from the boiler which caused water to come through the dining room ceiling.
I was just wandering if anyone had an ideas what the insurance people will suggest to fix it.
i only ask because the excess in £250.00 so was wandering if its worth it.
thanks in advance for your help

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Hi there, from experience with insurance companies they can be more hassle than they are worth and as you said your excess is £250 what they will normally do is send someone out to assess the damage and either provide there own trades or give you the option of getting your own, the trades will work out what needs doing and give you a invoice to give to the insurance company and then the insurance company will give you the money upfront after you have paid your excess but sometimes after you claim the next time you renew your policy you may find it has increased because of your claim.
I would get some trades out first get a idea of what the work is going to cost an go from there you mite find you are better off not bothering with the insurance company, hopefully this has helped.


Answered 11th Feb 2012

it would pay you to talk to your insurance company,coving down(IF YOU HAVE COVING),re-tack ceiling,plaster ceiling/re-cove re=paint ceiling/coving,Whole room will need redecorating looking @ £1000/£1500


Answered 11th Feb 2012

Depends how big the ceiling is and how bad the damage is.


Answered 11th Feb 2012

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