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Builder wants me to pay final invoice for work on time and not done to good standard

Hi, sorry, this is a long one! so I basically hired a quantity surveyor/builder company to do a refurbishment of new property. I wanted it to be finished so I could move in on 16th November 2018. Kitchen was not finished and new built in wardrobe not finished and painting not done in the lounge. Also bathroom floor not done. So I had to accommodate them to get the work finished. I also have an active, nosey 2 year old so this was not easy for me. Basically, I sent a snags list detailing all bits I wasn't happy with eg. holes in the walls after being painted, gaps between upstand and walls and backboard and walls. Radiator is too big for the bathroom and keeps hitting the back of the wooden bathroom door. Flooring doesn't feel like new. So, builder has come back and made excuses for the snags and said he will sort it. But I've given him enough time right to do so right? Also cleaners had been booked in but they didn't turn up and no one told me until the next day! Then he's like, can we book the cleaners in next week. Of course I said no and now he's saying that I didn't want the cleaners! He's saying that I wanted a plain white wood sliding wardrobe door (door only as the wardrobe was already built in) They knocked out all the plaster and interior shelving saying that they had to as standard wardrobe doors only come in that size. Now he's saying that I SAID that I wanted a mirrored sliding wardrobe door. But I NEVER did and hence there is a white sliding door in place, just bigger than the previous wardrobe! It seems to me that he is not admitting his/his companies faults but it doesn't mean he can bat it back to the client right and say it was me or it was the previous owner! I've lost all trust in this trader. I want him to reduce the final invoice to take into account, the stress and anxiety caused, rushed jobs not done properly, the delays and also implying that I've lied. I don't want him to come back to the property as I feel completely ripped off and taken advantage of. I've been nice and accompanying but I've just had enough. Unfortunately I didn't put all my requests in writing as he said that he had them in his notebook and didn't need it in writing. I refuse to speak to him on the phone from now on and only write emails. He keeps calling though. When the job was going on, I kept calling him for updates before we moved in but no answers, now he keeps calling me. I have already paid £18k for the job. He wants more. Am I dealing with a rogue trader? What can I do? He seemed like he was a nice and genuine guy but now I don't think so.

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Sounds like abit of a rogue to me, the fact you called him for updates and had no answer and now he wants his final payment he’s on your case rings alarm bells. In future never hand over such a large amount of money without proof of receipts or completed work. You may need some professional legal help to come up with a solotion but how well you will get on is another question as you have stated nothing was in writing, either way I would go to citizens advice or trading standards and see how you get on, In future try not to be sucked in with charm and ensure the builder/tradesman has a proven catalogue of past works and satisfied customers.
I hope this helps and good luck in the future


Answered 16th Jan 2019

He is a horrible these type of so called builders need to be exposed..if you have something in writing then you can argue..I personally would not pay him the balance..get someone else to finish off and use that money to pay for it...


Answered 15th Mar 2019

unfortunately as you have nothing in writing its basically your word against his.
if you have proof that you have given him enough time to complete the snagging list and he has not done so does stand in your favor,
you basically need to keep everything civil and preferably in writing
as you feel unable to talk to him yourself you require a mediator to talk on your behalf without dialogue you may end up being sued,
your best bet is go and speak to trading standards & citizens advice
they will be able to point you in the direction that is best for you
good luck Alex


Answered 16th Jan 2019

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