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Plaster before or after fireplace installation?


I want to replace our wood burning fireplace with a cast iron one in our living room. It's likely that the chimney opening will need to be adjusted. I've read conflicting advice regarding the order of works:

Some advices states remove existing fire, adjust opening, plaster and then fit new fireplace.

Other sources claim to plaster last after the new fireplace is fitted otherwise it can be tricky to touch up areas around the fireplace that have been newly plastered.

Appreciate any help so I can get some quotes as soon as possible.

Thank you!

5 Answers from MyBuilder Chimney & Fireplace Specialists

My personal opinion would be to plaster first as will be much easier and the best way. If you fit your wood burner who ever plasters it is going to struggle and will be very hard resulting in a not a very good. Also be awkward to paint/decorate.
Hope this helps


Answered 12th Jan 2019

I would advise having the plastering done before hand and painting when plaster is completely dry. Both trades will need plenty of room to work with.


Answered 12th Jan 2019

In my professional opinion it most definitely makes sense to plaster before the installation of the wood burner, to achieve the best finish.
It removes risk of any damage been caused to it and helps the plasters decorators etc.
Hope this helps


Answered 12th Jan 2019

Just to add to the comments above which are correct, don't plaster the inside of the fireplace as it will crack. Use a smooth render finish or some sort of fibreboard if you want a flat finish.


Answered 28th Jan 2019

Are you replacing the wood burner with an open cast iron fire?
it's not clear !

if you are planning on replacing the wood burner then Plaster first and use fire-board to line the inside if the fireplace- you can paint this
Alex- South West fireplaces


Answered 3rd Apr 2019

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