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Why are existing fuse boards considered unsuitable these days? is it that the government wish to support tradesmen and so have created this and other jobs such as health and safety

requirements which create work. Why do many workers have the freedom to charge what they wish to do work. Should we not expect a standard scale of
costs for each job? Why do some tradesman feel they can charge £100.00 per hour for
their work. Most people with a qualification such as a University degree are barely
paid £25.00 per hour.

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I can confirm I am the one charging £100/hr. However in justification I'd like to pose a few rhetorical questions.

Why when a customer says 'I've got all the stuff' do they forget about the electrical/plumbing/carpentry bits (insert as required) needed to finish a job?

Why when a customer says oh 'so and so' says you don't need planning permission/building warrant/etc (insert as required) do they insist they know better?

Why when a customer says 'I'll get it on line 'cos its cheaper' do you just know something will be broken/missing/wrong size (insert as required) and you'll be delayed in getting the job finished & paid on time?

So I charge £100/hr to make up for all the hassle in getting the job completed.

I'm interested to hear if anyone thinks £100/hr could be too cheap?


Answered 26th Mar 2011

I agree with TJW, I have never charged anyone £100 per hour and know of no one who would, most of us have a minimum charge and an hourly rate of on average £25 P/Hour. Regarding old fuse boxes if you are referring to old re-wirable boards, then they should without question be replaced when and wherever possible, this is based on to two strong points:

1) When these boards were first introduced the household requirements for electric installation were tiny compared to that which is required now, for instance when re-wirable boards were first fitted the average house would have consisted of:

* 1 single socket in every room except the kitchen where you may have had 2 and only one single light fitting in each room
* no power to the outside, no main alarms/smokes, no electric cookers, no electric showers etc...

Todays modern dwelling will have, 3 double sockets in the living and dining rooms, 3 double sockets above and 2 below work tops in the kitchen, 2 double sockets in each bedroom, a 45A cooker circuit in the kitchen+extractor fan, an electric shower up to 10.5KW and a fan in the bathroom, external power to the garage usually incorporating both power and lighting, external security and decorative lighting, an alarm system, wired smoke alarms, and most houses now have in a least one or two rooms multiple down-lighters, wall lights etc, I could go on for a lot longer... all of this running of an old board, hopefully you can see there is a huge change in demand on houses now than there was then.

2) As TJW has said, old re-wirable boards rely on a physical brake being created within the copper wire to protect you and your electrical installation as opposed to a modern board that has automatic disconnection upon a fault being created... all this and we have not mentioned the benefits of RCD protection yet. I hope this helps you see why the regulations are in place and there necessity.

Finally, Electrician prices have risen in recent years, mainly due to the requirement for membership to Governing bodies, notification to building control, the extra time required to install to the most recent regulations, fuel increases, VAT increase, increased testing equipment now required by law, insurances etc..

Best regards A.E.Service


Answered 26th Mar 2011

Okay, Honesty is my motto. At the moment there is a con that people are not aware of. Call out charges! What the hell is this all about? We work on a no fix no fee basis and on average, the repair only costs £40 - £50 max. However, ask yourself this question. How many plumbers or tradesmen have I called out who could not repair the problem but have charged me just for the call out. Do you really think these people are qualified tradesmen? No they are not. They are chancers making a fortune out of the hard working people by not having a clue and charging for a non repair with call out fees.
As for the laws? These have been created by bodies and confederations and the laws are then forced upon the government to accept. Sure, we are told that it is for our own protection and I agree that a qualified person will do a good job, but the cowboys - that's another matter. I can understand the laws and regulations but not the bodies like Corgi, UK Trades Confederation and NICEIC. They make millions out of tradesmen so they can enforce their rules and if you are not a member, you are basically not registered to do the work. Blame these people and not the tradesman (honest tradesmen that is). Watch out for roofers who claim to be bathroom specialists, bathroom specialists who claim to be builders etc.
I fully agree with A.E. Services regarding increases. A repair which cost £20 two years ago, now costs £50+.
Electrical and gas installations are important for our own safety and there are laws in place to protect both you and I. I agree with these but not the people who use their membership as a 'I can charge you whatever I like and there is nothing you can do about it' attitude.
Here's a test. Post a job on here, invite a few people to come and quote on the repair. You will be surprised at how many actually have a clue what they are talking about. 2 out of 20 maybe? Also, see what they charge you after innitial assessment. A cat is a cat. It is not a bird or a dog. An electrician is an electrician and a plumber is a plumber!


Answered 26th Mar 2011

I have only been trading for the past year as a domestic electrician,qualified and regulated by Napit, I also carry out general building works,I would be more than happy to get £20 per hour. my average rate is £12-15 per hour and while I appreciate that some younger tradesmen may have families to raise? I am happy to earn a living,I give free estimates within a 15 mile radius.I dont like being ripped off so why should I do it, Terry.


Answered 28th Mar 2011

I dont know were you live but most trades men in Liverpool only charge £20 to £40 an hour and all the time people will pay £100 an houre there will always be companies who will charge that money and more I have a full list of work we carry out and every one is charge the same if thay are rich or poor and I am happy to give any one a copy of the list it would give people an idear how much things cost I may put it on my web site when I can fine time to do it
regards to your fuse board the regs for electric change all the time and if your fuse board is older than 10 years old its best to change it for your safty as old consumer units do dot have a cut off if anything goes wrong will start a fire ,heath and safty as gone a bit far after all its common sense but to cover every one the home owner and the builder doing the work hope this is of help to you many thanks Thomas


Answered 25th Mar 2011

£100 an hour? I wouldn't get out of bed for that :)

A degree doesn't always mean better money. Same with any qualifications, they only help get you into your chosen's down to your employer/client to feel happy you're worth the money you are paid. Would you rather pay £10 an hour for someone that takes 10 hrs to do something very well or a £100 an hour for someone that does the same thing in an hour very well. Hourly rates shouldn't be the deciding factor. What you're getting for the money should be.


Answered 27th Mar 2011

I am a builder and have been in the industry for nearly 40 years, and have employed many electrical contractors and tradesmen.The last 6 years here in the UK.I have yet to come across an electrical tradesman charging his customer £100.00 per hour.Its unheard of.It would be totally non competitive.

Technology has in many instances necessitated upgrades of lesser retro systems within buildings.Health and safety is to a point unegotiable and absolutely necessary.Health and safety has its downside like any regulations.But one cannot please all the people all the time, but only some of the people some of the time.


Answered 26th Mar 2011

i only charge 1 pound an hour give me a call ho ho ho


Answered 27th Mar 2011

Modern day consumer units have many benifits over the old re-wirable type for instance. Thankfully, most of us will never find out why! Just like the airbag in your steering wheel there benifits are not known other than for safety reasons.

An hourly rate does not slip straight into the tradesmans pocket!! A company, no matter how small has running costs.

A PAYE worker, no matter how highly educated they may be should be provided with all the equipment, holiday pay etc etc by there employer.

Though £100ph sounds like daylight robbery to me! Surely you'll have agreed a price with the tradesman prior to work being carried out, no obligation take it or leave it!


Answered 31st Mar 2011

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