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Can anyone explain to me why i need to unplug my bt landline phone to get my sky wireless broadband to work?

Can anyone recommend an electrician who can help with this problem?
BT want to charge a £96 call out charge to check the wiring!

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Most electricians will not be able to solve this problem! You need a telecoms enginner which is a separate trade in its own right. As the other poster has pointed out, its seems like its an ADSL filter issue. Could be a faulty filter, filter not fitted, etc.


Answered 9th Feb 2012

Is this a recent problem or has it always been like this? If it has previously worked ok, have there been any recent changes - either with phone or broadband services?

Have you tried calling Sky? I assume the BT line was there before the Sky BB was installed, and that it was working previously?

Do you have ADSL micro-filters on every phone socket to which there is a phone connected?

Do you have more than 4 phone devices (phones, fax machines, ADSL modems...) connected to the same phone line? If so, have you tried disconnecting any of them?


Answered 8th Feb 2012

and how much do you think a qualified electrician would charge ,96 quid sounds good to me


Answered 8th Feb 2012

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