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Gloss paint still tacky

I got my hall and bathroom painted last Friday and the gloss is still tacky could anyone tell me why it’s not drying

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Was it out of date or put on too thick?


Answered 7th Dec 2018

I can't see anywhere confirming it is oil based gloss!
Q. Is it water based gloss?
If it is water based it leaves a sticky sensation but is no more than a 'squeaky clean' feel. To best discover if it is wet or just squeaky. Take a lint free cloth and run it over the surface, in a place not so exposed. If there is no resistance to the run, you have squeaky and not wet.
Q. Is the paint wet in both the hall and bathroom, or just the bathroom perhaps?
If this is the case. Have you been using the bathroom too soon after painting finished.
Q. Has this work been undercoated?
If it hasn't, the previous paint surface could well be preventing the normal curing process.
Q. During the week following the finished job. What was the temperature in the premises. If it is presently unoccupied, with no heating on. There may lie your problem.
If none of the above are relevant, and you do have oil based paint, and it is wet.
Then I concur with the above. Heating on, not too hot. Two windows open ajar creating a through flow of fresh air. And be patient.
As it is now almost two weeks since this work was completed. Is the surface still wet?


Answered 11th Dec 2018

this could either be your doors and facings are being cleaned down with soapy water or a spray that you may use to clean around the house witch you shouldn't do only a rub down with clean water only if that's the case.or your painter you had do the worl has put far to much gloss on the woodwork


Answered 7th Dec 2018

oil based paint takes 24 hours to dry, waterbase dries in 3 hours , 24 hours to fully cure. Is humidity level high? if so, get a fan heater to speed up drying. can't think of other reason unless painter used 2 part epoxy paint and not mixed in the two parts correctly - very rare painter would use epoxy paint.


Answered 7th Dec 2018

Thickness of the paint and the temperature of the room you are working in will also affect the drying times of your work


Answered 20th Dec 2018

Unik interiors answer is correct. Oil based gloss needs good enviromental conditions to dry and cure correctly


Answered 7th Dec 2018

Hello was it Dulux gloss?
We had the same thing this year when the gloss was wet for seven days in an old folks home
Spoke to Dulux they first tried to say it was the cold weather
i then told them it was inside at an old folks home, they then said it must be to hot and said it was something underneath the paint, so I asked them why it was dry on the doors & one set of railings , but still wet on three other sets of railings , no answer, anyway it turned out to be a fault with the paint . They paid for it to be striped and redone


Answered 1st Jan 2019

I’d imagine the paint is oil based yes?
Was the paint in date?
Was it applied to heavy in cold or damp conditions?
Was the woodwork damp or wet?


Answered 3rd Jun 2019

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