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No water from taps - waterboard said we may need a contractor?

Hello, we are currently not getting any water from our taps in the house. we have spoken to the waterboard and they said it could just be frozen pipes due to the temperature. However, they also said that if the problem was "rodding from the mains" then a contractor could be required. I am trying to help an elderly relative so may not have the facts 100% correct. please can anyone shed any light on what kind of work we could be facing?

Many thanks in advance

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i think you still have old cast or lead mains which are shallow in the ground and have frozen ,in order to avoid this in the future dig out old mains ,dig down to 750mm or more and re-lay new poly main


Answered 6th Feb 2012

You need to post the job Nicola. we can't guess! we need to come round and test/advise. If we said yes do this, this and this, would you be able to do it?



Answered 6th Feb 2012

Sounds like your pipe work from the meter (on pavement usually) needs to be replaced. This then ensures it is low enough so it wont freeze. Anything under about 30mtrs in length can be dug out and replaced very simply in a single day by any competant groundworker. Depending if its under a driveway or just under the lawn this solution will cost in region of £250 - £500

Good luck


Answered 7th Feb 2012

lets get this in order.if you are not getting fresh water in the house it is down to the waterboard to put it rite up to the stopcock in the house,that is theres not yours.from the stopcock and all internall pipework that is if the pipework is frozen internally its down to you,outside them!!!sure people have new incomeing mains done so they get better pressure at taps and thats the only pay water rates and you are entitled to a sevice that goes with them!! tom clydebank plumbing & heating


Answered 10th Feb 2012

hi there as others have stated if your water supply pipes are frozen in the ground from your outside stopcok (ie the one in street) its upto the house holder to deal with. If the property is old like others have said you would be advised to change piping to lower depth.


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

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