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Hairline cracks in walls starting to get more noticable

Hi there

I have moved into a house about 3 months ago. There were some hairline cracks which I covered with polyfiller and then painted the whole house. I finished painting about a month ago.

Now these cracks are reappearing and are more cracks then before. In the past couple of weeks there have been a lot more appearing.

I have just quickly doodled a very rough sketch of the the two ground floor reception rooms. The cracks weren't showing up well on pictures. You can see pic here..

Now in the image are two reception rooms, the middle section is where the hallway/stairs are. The dotted lines indicate where the cracks are. As you can see in the left room, the cracks appear to form a large cross which goes onto the ceiling. The horizontal like then goes right into the hallway, and then in the right room, the cracks are more scattered, roughly horizontal.

Would you say this is worth getting check out? If so, who would be best to contact? A structural engineer perhaps?

The paint is on plasterboard, which is on a solid brick construction

Thanks in advance

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Yes, its worth getting a Structural Engineer to check it.

Answered 3rd Feb 2012


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Any new cracks appearing in a property you have just purchased are well worth getting checked out, it may be something simple that is causing them, the early you solve the problem the better.

Answered 4th Feb 2012

Habitat Landscapes Ltd

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Looking at your sketch, the cracks appear to be no more than the joints between the sheets of plasterboard cracking, either due to a damp surface behind the plasterboard, or because the plasterer did not use scrim tape on the joins. Certainly not worth getting in an engineer if this is the case: you would probably be better off just filling and hanging lining paper on the wall to stop the cracks reappearing.
Rupert Burrows

Answered 5th Feb 2012

Rupert Burrows Design Contracts

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The best advice here would definitely call in a structural engineer as this will give you reassurance from a proffessional prospective even though it will cost you to have a call out, they will help you to decide which way to go forward in sorting this problem out. Remember though looking for the cheapest person is not always the best solution, it's worth shopping around to get the best person on board who has expert advice on these things as this your home that they are dealing with.

Answered 6th Feb 2012

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