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Asked to pay £2000 upfront of a £2500 landacape job

I am having a large hedge removed and a fence and gate put up. The job also includes digging and levelling the garden and removed a small tree and some slabs. New soil and turf put down on a 50m2.
The job is £2,500 and the tradesman is asking for £2,000 upfront. I have been advised this is way to much to hand over before the job has even bene started. The tradesman has said it is all for materials, when I know full well the materials will come to no where near that amount.
Your advise would be appreciated.

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The maximum you should pay as a deposit towards
materials is 1/3 regardless of the cost of materials or the size of the job.
A deposit is only a sign of trust and goodwill on both sides.
The tradesman should regardless of if they use an account with suppliers or not be able to cover any shortfall for the period required to complete the work.
I think its time to look else where to get your project completed.
Good luck Alex


Answered 15th Oct 2018

Interesting to see what other people's views are on how much a deposit should be.

For me it's dependant on the size of the project but I would usually ask for 10% when we arrive onsite, then half of the balance around half way through the job, or when materials are delivered (which ever seems most reasonable) then the remainder on completion.

If someone asked me for a deposit like that I know what I'd be doing...

Hope you get everything sorted and your turf etc... laid.


Andrew Hunter


Answered 15th Oct 2018

Personally I ask for a 50% upfront, 30% at a given point and 20% on completion. This will obviously differ between contractors but you are correct, that is a large sum of the project cost to ask for straight off.
Hope this helps


Answered 15th Oct 2018

I agree 80% upfront is a little bit of a push. I have on occasion if materials have been a large part of the job done 50% but most the time either 30% or a proportion of the materials upfront (say 50%) then take the other part of materials payment later down the line if its a big long job.

Best of luck


Answered 15th Oct 2018

Definitely not.
We usually take 25% upfront.
25% after a satisfactory amount of work has been completed and the remainder on completion.
If you have concerns you are well within your rights to pay the suppliers for materials directly this massively reduce the risk of being taken for a ride


Answered 16th Oct 2018

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