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Rendered raised beds

I am looking at building some raised beds at the back of our garden and would like a smooth rendered finish, probably a light grey. The beds will only be about 4 course high.
Are concrete blocks the best to use and how deep does the footing need to be and how do you apply the render? Do I need beading to produce a crisp edge at the corners? And can the render be painted?
Many thanks for the advice

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100mm will be substantial enough for your bed 'load' with an escarpment (wider than thickness of wall) of 75mm. I'd use steel reinforcement-bar through foundation too. Concrete block are adept to your project, use a sealant such as Thompson before applying render. For render I'd recommend K-Rend base coat (scratch coat) & K-Rend Top coat (finished coat). Yes you can paint although if going for white or ivory I'd simply leave the render as is but if you want to colour a quality exterior paint will take. Ask your local merchant on best to use


Answered 9th Oct 2018

If the blocks are on flat (400mm total height) then you would be more than fine with a 6 inch footing. If its blocks on edge (850mm total height) then id say you might want to go down to 8 - 10 inches.
Concrete blocks are fine to render too, just make sure you use a sealant and or some PVA / SBR to help it adhere. Beading makes the job look 100 times better as long as its been attached straight. render an be painted with a good missionary paint but silicon based renders (like K Rend) come in a range of colours anyway.

Hope that helps.


Answered 15th Oct 2018

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