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Newly laid pavers are lifting up

We had bluestone coping and pavers laid around our pool 3 weeks ago, and a lot of the pavers are lifting straight up, with not a lot of effort. Is this normal after this amount of time? the paver size is 600 x 300 x 20mm, Thanks for your help

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hi there if there just recently been laid then no they definitely should not be lifting it. by the sounds of things they haven't been laid very well. if I was you I shall be contacting the company asking them to pop back and have a look for you that's what I would do.


Answered 7th Sep 2018

When laying those types of paviors, a bonding agent is usually applied to the back of each slab. It's mixed from powder in a bucket and applied with a paint brush creating a rough surface that bonds easier. Normal sand/cement mix is not sufficient to grip this type of slab.


Answered 9th Sep 2018

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