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Home buyers report says some electrics need doing

This is what the report says:
The electrical wiring may not comply with current standards in some respects. A very dated fuse box is still in use, the earth wire appears under sized, there is no earth bonding to the gas supply and there may be no cross bonding to copper plumbing and stainless sink unit. some replacement and upgrading maybe required.

Is this going a big job and will be it be expensive?
Also the people who are selling the house are old, would they be able to get help sorting the problem out, i.e grants?

Any help would be greatful.

Edit: i am the person wanting to buy the house.
The people the couple who live in the house have lived there for 40 year, i am unsure if they have had the electrics done in the past or are the original.

The surveyor has valued the house at are asking price, so the estate agents are saying we would have to pay to have the work done, but me and my partner can't really afford to pay for repair work.
The electrics isn't the only work needed doing.
Also the estate agents have said the people they get to check electrics charges 70, will this be the same with any electrician we ask for a quote?

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Hello haribo862003.
First of all my advice to do Full Periodical Inspection report( ask qualified electrician), after that you will see what should be done in that house.Get quotes for job to be done and if it's very expensive to you discuss with your agent or potential buyer about.
I had a customer , him get that report from seller and seller gave discount from house prise.


Answered 23rd Mar 2011

the electric system not up to current standards does not mean the system necessarily requires rewiring,that said I would strongly recomend that you get an electrician to carry out a periodic inspection report, this will cost from£70 upwards then you will know exactly what wants doing and a cost worked out regards Terry


Answered 24th Mar 2011

hi if you had a electrician in to do a job he would recomend keeping all electrics up to date ,ask the buyers to get estimates in and see if they can knock the price off the sale of the property a full rewire normally comes in areound 2500 to 3000 ish depending where you live hope this helps further to your recent update go on this site and request an electrician for free estimates when i get electricians in to quote for work they are all free estimatesit imaterial how much the house is valued at its only worth what any body offers if they want to sell im sure they will drop a few ££££££££ so the work can be done hope this helps


Answered 24th Mar 2011

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