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Building a garden wall against a house wall

When building a garden wall, is it best that a gap is left between the end of the garden wall and any residential walls? If a garden wall is built so that it connects to the wall of a house, can this cause issues? And does it breach any sort of building Regulations?


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Hi I would suggest that you leave a gap in case the adjoining wall ever gets changed . Then it wouldn’t cause any damage to your wall thanks


Answered 27th Feb 2020

A garden wall can be build straight up against a residential house, this not a problem, we have done this many times in the past. The boundary with the neighbours is called the Party Wall line or boundary.


Answered 28th Aug 2018

It's good to leave a gap between the two walls in case of any damp problems


Answered 11th Sep 2018

If possible leaving a slight gap would be better, just incase your neighbors decide they want a new wall. if they do you don’t want a builder coming along knocking there’s down and effecting yours. However no this is not a breach of regulations.


Answered 8th Nov 2018

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