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Shower switch instead of pull cord

I have a pull cord switch that I want to replace, it’s gone again have replaced them in the past, but my question is can I fit a MK 50A switch with neon light instead of the pull cord type ?

In my bathroom a have a cupboard containing my boiler, alarm panel and other electrical things, I’d like to put the switch in there, would this contravene any electrical laws, so long as my shower can be isolated I thought this might be ok, thanks in advance

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Its difficult to advise without seeing the cupboard & location, but fitting a 50A switch within the cupboard should not contravene any regulations, as this would normally be classed as being outside a zone.

One thing you have got to consider in detail, is extending the shower cable properly to reach the new location. This should be done correctly to avoid any increase in cable resistance. With high loading appliances such as showers, this is crucial to avoid overheating of terminals & joints etc. A minor works certificate should also be issued to ensure it complies after the modification.

Crabtree do a great quality 50A pull cord - Search 'Crabtree 2167' - which would be worth considering before moving the cable.

This type of work should only be undertaken by a qualified electrician. Ask a local electrician to call in and give you a quote and advise on the work.


Answered 28th Aug 2018

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