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Mortice lock barral out of line

Hi, I went to open front door with mortice key and key would not go inside as the was no key hole, I could just see metal and a small hole, I took off front plate and inserted a screw driver and turned the barral back to the proper place,
I'm wondering if this could of moved on its own, or possibly some one has tampered with it,
It was fully turned round and could not see key hole at all to insert key
Thank you

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Hi Isabel,
I am not completely sure what part you inserted the screwdriver into. There are a number of possible issues depending on what lock you have. If you managed to return something back to the correct position it sounds like a retaining bolt or screw has come loose or has come out completely. The problem might just be a case of tightening something up but very difficult to confirm without seeing the lock.
I am not sure where you are, but a local locksmith will be able to put this right for you.


Answered 22nd Aug 2018

i would say your lock is worn and may need to be replaced


Answered 29th Aug 2018

If you are talking specifically about a “mortice” lock, a fairly common issue is when the curtain/follower (the small collar in round part of keyhole) accidentally turns preventing key being inserted into keyhole. This can be caused by the location/retaining spring becoming worn and slack or as you mentioned, there is a possibility somebody could have tampered with your lock.


Answered 29th Oct 2018

The curtain around the keyhole has slipped , this is the small collar you can see round the keyhole. The lock would need to be checked to see if the retaining spring has become worn or slack. It could be repaired or if it is an old lock you would be safer to replace it to prevent this from happening again.
I hope this is of some help to you.


Answered 26th Sep 2018

There is a curtain inside the lock that turns the bolt when the key turns. This can slip round if you take the key out in a certain angle. Possibility that someone has tampered with the lock is small


Answered 12th Nov 2018

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