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Contract on stages of payment

What percentage of deposit should we pay the builders and should we pay before they start work. What stages do we pay before completion if the garden work costing £20,000

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Payment should follow the contract, some people do 50% up front depending on the size of project and how many days the work will take, some jobs will need materials so a clear break down on what's needed and what company they will be coming from. Have a check list with prices for each job, then pay your builder each stage of your project. Hope this helps


Answered 16th Aug 2018

As landscapers we normally don't ask for a deposit. We will sometimes ask for stage payments when materials are delivered or if the job is longer than a couple of weeks. Most landscapers and builders should have accounts with the local builders merchants so don't need to pay for the materials straight away. If we have to pre-order something special or bespoke then we will ask for payment for this up front but we would tell the customer where we were getting it from.

If you are being asked to pay upfront I would say no more than 25% and i would ask for a written receipt on headed paper signed by the contractor. If you can pay it on a credit card or via PayPal


Answered 23rd Aug 2018

all depends on contract terms with company that take the work on. Personally we like to take a deposit of material costs so then we know all that is left is to produce the final product.


Answered 23rd Aug 2018

Hi shanti. We have a no deposit policy. payment on completion of work.
Other companies have different agreements,so always make sure
You know before you agree to have work done.


Answered 14th Oct 2018

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