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Do professional paint spayers even fade paint shades in.

We're looking at redecorating the hall, stairs, landing and we want the bottom 3rd a darker shade that fades into the lighter shade covering the top two 3rds of the walls. I know this is done on cars, etc. Is it ever done in houses. Do professional decorators learn how to do this?

Thanks for the replies so far. I understand how this could be done with spray (having seen paintjobs on Overhaulin', etc) but how would it be done with a roller so that you get no lines or patches and just an even blend from the one colour to the other?

Well, Chris; Are you willing to give it a try?

My reply with numbers and e-mail addresses got bounced. I do have it posted as a job.
Stairwell, hall & landing - Painting
posted 10 days, 12 hours ago by: dave_eyes (3 jobs posted)

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Yes but you would be looking to employ the services of a paint sprayer who is exceptional at there job and building sprayers with that skill are few and far between, this can be done by roller or brush, and possibly with a HVLP sprayer as long as the right paint and visocity is retained.
Interesting job and one you must chose with care has spraying is a first time application theres no room for cowboys or tryers.
All the best
Hi in reply to your question,very very slowly and very very carefully always maintaining concentration, personally i would scatter paint with brush just to bring my colours in then i would feather brush and fade each colour out, not easy but not hard for a decent Painter/Decorator, hmm i wonder if you could incorporate rag rolling to help or a sponge !! get your self a decent decorator and let him do is stuff.
good luck.

How could i refuse ! but that is subject to a few things im afraid, ok we have to talk has we need to exchange numbers and address, i also need to no surface area size,colours, sheen etc need to see really so we can specify correctly,hmm.
Hi i did put my email address for you but My Builder have edited it out so i guess you will have to post has a job and go from there.
kind regards


Answered 3rd Feb 2012

I have never seen this done in the decorating trade but as chris says it can be done very effectively with rollers and a good decorator.


Answered 29th Jan 2012

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