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Laying turf up to and over concrete edge

Can I lay turf up to driveway that has concrete haunching at its edge, slopes down away from the drive?

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as long as it has a little sharp sand on top and I wouldn't recommend turfing in current weather wait till we have a bit of rain


Answered 10th Aug 2018

Good quality long as the concerete haunching is weathered and old not recently cemented....plenty of good soil and a depth of 1-2 inches are necessary...water well and turf should establish..if we move to lack of rainfall the ensure these areas are well watered as they will be the first to dry out in particular if the soil depth is very shallow


Answered 7th Sep 2018

Aslong as you have nice soil running up to your edges the turf will grow fine i wouldnt advise blinding with sand as after time the sand will wash away and if there isnt enough nice top soil there the grass wont grow to its best potential.


Answered 8th Sep 2018

As long as there is still a reasonable depth of good soil under the turf it should be fine.
As others have said, where there is less depth of soil it will dry out quickly in hotter weather so will require more watering before it goes very brown.


Answered 8th Oct 2018

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