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What is correct height for kitchen base units my kitchen fitter has fitted them at 93cm i say this is incorrect as my cooker is only 90cm so sits below the worktop

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top of base unit should be 870mm from floor plus 40mm of worktop would normally give a finished height og 910mm. this would then allow the plinths to be fitted without cutting down.

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

Hook Construction Partnership

Member since 9 Mar 2009

hello the height of base units are 720 +150 for plinth and 40mm for worktops =910 . one trick to make it look better just put a 15mm piece of matching material under work top

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

Complete Kitchen, Bathroom and Window Company

Member since 30 Oct 2008

In Response to your Question Cookers have a tolerance by means of adjustable feet to bring them up to your worktops.different heights in floor covering could mean that say tiles would give another 12mm.which would be carried out after installation. generally worktops are there and about 900mm from the floor by fitting a carcass a starting point should be at the highest end of the floor level with a plumb line around which could be in some cases be 50mm out of true at the other end giving as much as 950mm which should be odds out from end to end so depending on the floor and cooker position adjustments should be made to accommodate this factor

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

Rural Developments

Member since 28 Mar 2010

you have to laugh- as there is no correct height for w/tops.
have you thought of raising your cooker to 930mm.
I build kitchens based on the height of the main user.

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

argyll leisure pool systems

Member since 26 May 2008

The accepted standard is as everyone has said. 150 plinths, 720 base units and 40mm worktop leaving a finished height of 910mm. However every kitchen is different and this can't always be achieved. Floor levels will vary by up to 50mm and more in some cases so all kitchens will have a high and low point meaning that if the kitchen is fitted level the plinth heights will vary. In the case of a large discrepancy of 50mm this could mean the plinths could have a 50mm gap between them and the units. This would not be acceptable so the one solution would be to lower the unit legs by 25mm at the high point of the kitchen leaving a finished unit height at this point of 125+720= 845. The high point would then be 150+25+720=895 and depending on how the kitchen is laid out a gap of 25mm above the plinths at this point may not be visible.

However it is not always that simple because the high point in the kitchen may well be where built under appliances are housed. Most fridges, freezers and dishwashers would be fine as they could be lowered to this height but many washing machines are 850-860 high on their lowest setting and will still need a gap above them to get them in and out easily. This means that the kitchen couldn't be lowered at this point so any discrepancy in the height will have to be taken out at the low point in the kitchen. This may have happened to the fitter the OP has referred to and he might not have had a choice.

I hope that makes sense??

Answered 31st Mar 2012

Andy Austen Kitchens

Member since 21 Mar 2012

Best thing to do is resolve it with the fitter if you are not happy then tell him or her that you are not satisfied and you would like this rectified.

Getting other tradesmen involved is not always the best or fairest way of resolving the situation. Keep calm and talk things through as heated conversations tend to be counter productive.

Good luck

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

cms joinery

Member since 20 Nov 2009

The correct hight for your 'units' will depend on the thickness of your worktop, however, the overall hight of units and the worktop should be 900mm, the same as a standard appliance. 930mm is to high!!

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

Tomas and Phillips Construction Ltd

Member since 22 Jan 2012

hi, from the floor to the underneath of the work top should be 870mm ( most made to measure base end panels are 870mm in height).then from the top of the work top to the underneath of the wall units should be 18" . all cookers now come with adjustable legs so can be raised or lowered to suit the floor. regards lee

Answered 24th Jan 2012

Local Joiner

Member since 29 Sep 2011

Yes, you are right. The guideline measurement is 900 mm. Sounds like a measuring error to me. Dont listen if your builder says that the kickboards govern the height, they are meant to be cut.

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

LMS Refurbishments

Member since 4 Oct 2011

Overall Ht.of units plus worktop is 910mm. Check Ht. all round kitchen, could be floor running off level. If so he should have set Ht. from cooker.As the Ht. of cooker dose not have much adjustment.
Some fitters tend to fit base units to suit plinth size, to save ripping down. This could result in the problem you are having.


Answered 23rd Jan 2012

John Davidson Kitchen Installations

Member since 9 Jan 2012

normally finish height is 900 to 910 depends om floor levels etc

Answered 22nd Jan 2012


Member since 31 Oct 2008

Hello the correct height for a base unit including work top is 910mm
150mm for the plinth, 720mm for the carcass, 40mm work top
there may be a reason he has put it higher.
Hope this helps

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

Ch kitchens bedrooms bathroom

Member since 4 Jun 2011

Base units are usually fitted at a height of 860-870mm.

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Not the end of the world.............just raise the cooker up.

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

Worktop heights are generally set at 90 cm to 92 cm but very often kitchen floors arn't level so you may find that if you go round with a tape measure it fits into this height elsewhere .
Check your oven it may be adjustable if not packing is acceptable and your fitter can do this for you hope this is helpful
Regards pj @ jarvis&jarvis

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

Jarvis & Jarvis

Member since 31 Oct 2010

I would say it's always a good idea to have some area around cooker and kitchen units/worktops. Ventilation is a good thing.

Answered 22nd Jan 2012

L B Services

Member since 29 Dec 2011

Have to agree with argyll as long as it's not too low to set the appliances under minimum 860.
I have also been asked to raise cabinets to higher than 910. I have also fitted a kitchen where the floor was out of level by 80mm over the length that high point was 950!!

Answered 2nd Mar 2012

Bates Carpentry and Building

Member since 23 Jun 2011

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