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How to install a upvc french door frame (of a storm porch) to a bay window

Dear All,

We would like to install a storm porch (french door and 2 glass panels at top) attaching to the front of the house, next to the bay window. As the bay window has a curvy concrete frame and window sill, essentially it is not one flat, straight surface. This poses the challenge.

1) What is the best way to install the french door frame to the bay window? Could someone outline the steps (excluding the steps for installing the base foundation)?

2) Should we use reinforced beam or poles in all 3 sides of the storm porch (i.e step 1- Nail the beam at the top horizontally and step 2) 2 poles on the side vertically) ?

The reason I am asking this because we have advice from suppliers where the installers thinking of using the concrete nails and just nail the french door frame to the existing structure of the house. As time goes by, the wear and tear of opening and closing the door, the concrete might become loose and would not hold the french door frame in place. Hence, we need some support from pole and beam to absorb the shock.

Thank you so much for your advice.

Update on thequestion

The installers have used upvc cladding to cover the space. He used foam to cover the gap. He nailed 3 concrete nails to connect the frame to the bay window. At the moment there is a space between the bay window and the frame.

Should we install a column of brick from top to bottom to cover the gap?

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Use a professional tradesmen, its the best way to get the job done right.


Answered 13th Aug 2018

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