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Question How long does it take to rewire a COUNCIL HOUSE KITCHEN ? thank you.

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If it's your council doing it,i would estimate 3-5 years ;)

carl melady 22nd Jan, 2012

The same length of time it takes to rewire a private house kitchen.

kevin cassidy building contractors 22nd Jan, 2012

Viktor, there are many variables to consider in aswering your question. Firstly, how many sockets? how many lights, how many spurs for boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, under cabinet lights etc?

Secondly is the floor in the kitchen solid or is it floorboards? Is the kitchen empty of all cabinets or are they already fitted?

As a guess if its a surface rewire using plastic mini-trunking and surface boxes, it would take a bout 1day for 2 men or two days for 1 man.

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Electrical Safety Services 22nd Jan, 2012

If its council,shouldnt they be doing it? If so,they should tell you how long.One thing i do know about council workers is that their "making good" often leaves their properties looking like beirut.

Roc builders 22nd Jan, 2012


substructure 22nd Jan, 2012

There is no definate answer to this without more information but as guide I would estimate a day for 2 men.

ICM Electrical Services Limited 22nd Jan, 2012

there are many things to consider to estimate a time for this like how many rooms you have, do you want electric showers fitting, do you have many items in the rooms for example cupboards beds etc, is it a standard rewire or do you want extras like spot lights etc.

standard rewire for a 3 bed semi with space in the rooms usually take me around 3 days. they can sometimes go over to a fourth day but shouldnt take any longer than this.

Hope this Helps


D&C Electrical 22nd Jan, 2012

If its just the kitchen then the work should take around 1 day

North Electrics Ltd 22nd Jan, 2012

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