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I am thinking of installing a toilet and washbasin downstairs at the back of the kitchen. what are the building requirements for this?

I have had mixed feedback . I wanted to clarify this. thanks.

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hi there
toilet door cannot directly open into kitchen or lounge area is what building regs say

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Answered 24th Jan 2012

Call your local building control for a definitive answer.Its quicker and easier than waiting for a mix of replies on here.You shouldnt consider doing this without involving building control anyway.To go ahead without,will give you problems if you decide to sell.You may well be told you cant do it.Toilets and kitchens do not tend to work well with each other.


Answered 22nd Jan 2012

same as roc, building control. Some people will tell you stuff just to get the work


Answered 23rd Jan 2012

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