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Stained orange marks on brand new laid slabs

About 8 weeks ago I had my garden done with expensive grey natural stone slabs. From the moment they were finished there were strong damps marks on many of them and when we queried this the gardener told us that was natural and would dry out. Well we couldn’t have had much more dryer weather and they are still there but to make things worse a lot of them have now got orangey/yellow stains on them.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

The landscape gardeners came to clean the Marks before it went orange but after they had cleaned the orange marks came up.
They then came back to clean again the orange marks but couldn’t get them off.

When speaking to the manufacturer of the stones they are saying it’s called bleed through and the workmen have used the wrong cement but the builder is completely denying this.
I really don’t know what or who to believe and as we have already paid them I don’t what to do?

Any help appreciated

Many thanks

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Try rust ex by loithfin if it's natural sandstone sounds like the iron in the gray sandstone is reacting and making it rust. Can be cause by a few things but most commanly it's from use off acid cleaners. Very bad on gray sandstone Google gray sandstone acid damage and if it looks like that then that's most likely what it is. Also they should have bridge bonded the slabs with Sbr again Google this to understand what I mean this would have stopped anything reacting from the bedding course with the slabs. Then most importantly it's best to seal gray sandstone as its one off the most reactive sandstones for staining hope this helps and sorry to hear your misfortune


Answered 26th Jul 2018

If the patches are in the four corners and middle I would suggest the landscaper laid the paving on spots. This is totally wrong. Natural sandstone should be laid on a full bed of mortar and the backs of the stones should have a slurry wash before laying.

What you probably have is cement stains coming through the slabs. Unfortunately the only option is to replace and do the job properly.

I would suggest you look at either Marshall's or Bradstone web sites for a reliable contractor. If the company you used is a member of a recognised supplier I would suggest you contact them.

If you need any advice feel free to get in touch


Answered 5th Aug 2018

Its rust like Barry said. Use Ruxtex or Bero to get rid of it. Follow the instructions or you could damage the stone again.


Answered 6th Aug 2018

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