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Best way to excavate garden to keep costs down

Hi there,
I have a smallish long and narrow garden which needs quite a lot of work doing. Previously when work was done on the house my neighbour informed me that the builders just chucked rubble etc on the garden and then it was turfed over. I have already got quotes from various landscape gardeners to fully excavate the garden, dig up and level the garden before adding limestone slabs at the back for a small patio, a raised bed, re-turfing and the addition of a new fence. The costs are aroudn £4,500 and most of them have said one of the main costs is the excavating and removal of turf, soil, slabs etc. Therefore to try and keep costs down I would like to excavate and level the ground before they commence re-turfing etc. I was just wondering what the best most effective way of doing this would be. By hand or using a machine? I have tried digging up material by hand before but found it was very hard and slow work (maybe I was using the wrong tools). Any advice appreciated.

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Hi, i think you will definitely need a machine as long as you have access for it to get rojnd the back. Another option is to hire a digger and driver together that way you get someone who's experienced to drive it for you.
Hope this helps.


Answered 20th Jul 2018

Hi, again similar to the answer above, if access allows it, I would look into men with digger hire. You can pick someone experienced up for around £200 for a full days work. The only issue you have there is getting rid of all the rubble etc and you would need to hire a large skip which can be hundreds depending on size. Perhaps ask for quotes with and without removal and levelling and see if you can do it for less! Thanks


Answered 23rd Jul 2018

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