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Hi there just wondered if anyone knew of anyone looking to take on an apprentice. i am keen and hardworking and willing to travel. can send a cv

I am 19 live in Kent am on my 2nd year at Mid Kent College, just need someone to give me a chance. I also have level 2 in brickwork

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Not the best time , but great idea to ask on here ! I think you may need to be more specific of where you are . Or turn up in person to every plumber in your own town and tell them what you are willing to work for . Unfortunatly its a employers market . I'm sure you'll find something , repost with more info , e.g. any experience , how old you are and definitely where you live . Good luck .


Answered 26th Jan 2012

Where are you from??? are you close Dorset?


Answered 8th Mar 2012

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