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I live in a parkhome and the walls are plywood. i want to fully tile the kitchen walls. can the existing tiles be removed without causing damage to the walls.

sorry the walls are plasterboard and are only partially tiled at present.

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It is all depend how good they are stick to the walls. Optimistic is that even if the adhesive is so strong that together with the tiles you will rip-off some part of PLY (first one or two layers, not whole anyway), it still can be repaired to prepare for new tile finish. For example with some good tile adhesive (flexible and suitable for wood-surfaces) obviously after primering.

As your walls are plasterboarded not Plywood the answer is yes (if the adhesive kept tiles strong), mostly times is best to remove whole plasterboards with tiles and fit new on walls. You can gently cut boards on the edge of tiles and then after supporting you can renew only affected areas.

All the best

Answered 20th Jan 2012

Provini Trades

Member since 10 Mar 2010

You will never know unless you remove a few to see what is underneath, sometime the tiles fall off and sometimes they dont, you may need to re ply the wall or plasterboard prior to new tiles being applied.

Answered 20th Jan 2012

All Aspects Building Co

Member since 8 Apr 2010

when tiling on to plywood you would usually use a single part flexible adhesive
this sticks really well to ply.so will probably damage the walls when removed.
culd you tile over the exsisting tiles if they were stuck well ?
has you are now saying the walls are plasterboard,more often not you will damage the boards when removing.as the tiles are usually stronger than the plasterboard.

Answered 20th Jan 2012

creative stone

Member since 11 Jan 2012

This is a very tricky question to answer as the walls my have been not had a pva bonding prior to the original tiles going on. Although frowned upon you can actually tile over other tiles and if its all the way to an edge is often not noticeable you have done this.
If this is not ann option then be very careful and dont force them of, try using a tile scrapper

Answered 20th Jan 2012

Signet Building Ltd

Member since 20 Jan 2012

Plasterboard will almost certainly get damaged when removing tiles.Have a go and see how you get on.Depends on how the tiles are stuck.Some literally fall off and others will leave big holes in the board.Overtiling is possible in the worst case scenario if you do not want to renew the board.

Answered 20th Jan 2012

Roc builders

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Hello, As the walls are plywood a resin flexible adhesive should have been used, It will therefore be difficult to remove the tiles without some damage to the ply, however we have been succesful in this aplication before , because it is ply only the top layer of ply is usually affected and so a good tiler can re-tile succesfully.

Hope this helps - dampuk.net (building services)

Answered 20th Jan 2012


Member since 25 Nov 2009

it depends what they were stuck with. the only way to find out is try and see.

Answered 21st Jan 2012

Eastwood Property Services

Member since 25 Nov 2010

This all depends how well the tiles are bonded to the ply.They may have full coverage or just be dot and dabbed(which will make them easier to get off).Its trial and error im afraid.It may be posssible to tile over existing tiles but without seeing the job its hard to comment

Answered 21st Jan 2012

advance tiling

Member since 11 Mar 2009

Hi, i'm sure this won't do any damage to the walls and should come off quite easily with a balster chisel and a hammer, but be gentle at first just incase.

Answered 21st Jan 2012

D.J.P Carpentry Services

Member since 4 Mar 2011


Answered 20th Jan 2012

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

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