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Laying a gravel driveway:

Hi there,

Currently I have a concrete drive that is on 2 levels, only slightly but the two levels are separated by a pathway. Is it possible to just gravel over this so it become one level of gravel?

I’ve researched special gravel type grids that are supposed to stop any sliding.

Wasn’t sure any after some advice please?


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I couldn’t say unless I see it but in some cases you could and some you couldn’t, depending on the landscape.. obviously there is a proper way of doing things and a short cut way for low cost,, I hope this helps..


Answered 18th Jul 2018

Hi, If there is only a small incline I would suggest giving a gravel grid a go! In turn with a good few tonnes of aggregate you should be okay. You could pay for a small section of concrete to be removed at the bottom of the slope to butt up against? Keeps costs down and would mean slipping would not be as much of an issue! Thanks


Answered 23rd Jul 2018

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