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Wet clay soil and waterlogged garden

I have a part of garden that is waterlogged the whole year. My fencer used digger to see what's wrong with it and it seems wet clay up to 1 meter down with pea shingles (sounds old soakaway). there is a big hole about 1m2 which has filled with water within 12 hours or so but level isn't rising. Could some one please give me suggestions as how to fix this?

Here is a picture of the garden
So we found out there was old soak away which blocked with the passage of time due and stopped the drainage process and the pit was filling from surrounding area.
Thank you everyone for your input and valuable suggestions/time.

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What is needed is a soil percolation test to determine how well the soil (at depth) can drain water. If the soil is too compact, then a soakaway isn't the answer as it simply will not drain. In this case, you may need to consider a deeper excavation to find a permeable layer of soil, or to use a proper drainage system. It is difficult to advise without seeing the issue.


Answered 7th Aug 2018

You will need to dig a trench out and create a sokeaway so it dose no sit in the ground and create a clay mud can kick up a nasty smell if left indent with


Answered 13th Jul 2018

Sound like your water table is high .if u can raise garden area.if it is water table soak away won’t do would be interesting to see .


Answered 25th Nov 2018

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